Sunday Sermon
"A Life Paying Back God's Grace 3"
Bible Seminar
God is Love And so we know and rely on the love God has for us God is love. Wnenever lives in love lives in God. and God in him.I gain understanding from your precepts, therefore i hate every wrong path
World Mission
more and more brothers and sisters get together and have fellowship to actively evangelize in all around. We need prayers form brothers and sisters all over the world for more active evangelism in All around.
Prove the existence of God
You can meet the living God who created the heavens and the earth, governs the history of mankind, loves the mankind, solidifies the foundation of righteousness, and judges the world with righteousness and holiness.
A Life Paying Back God's Grace 2
Sunday Sermon
2021.09.12 • Rhee, Yo-han
A Life Paying Back God's Grace
Sunday Sermon
2021.09.05 • Rhee, Yo-han
2021 Summer Retreat Session 7
Sunday Sermon
2021.08.29 • Rhee, Yo-han