Sunday Sermon
"잠잠케 하신 하나님"
Bible Seminar
God is Love And so we know and rely on the love God has for us God is love. Wnenever lives in love lives in God. and God in him.I gain understanding from your precepts, therefore i hate every wrong path
World Mission
more and more brothers and sisters get together and have fellowship to actively evangelize in all around. We need prayers form brothers and sisters all over the world for more active evangelism in All around.
교회와 구원의 역사
Sunday Sermon
2019.09.22 • Rhee, Yo-han
내가 소경으로 있다가 지금 보는 그것이니이다
Sunday Sermon
2019.09.15 •
특별하신 예수님
Sunday Sermon
2019.09.08 • Hong, Jeong-Hyun